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Free Nursery Places for 2 year olds

Partington falls within Trafford's most deprived 30% which means that Free Nursery Places are available locally for2 year olds in families who meet certain criterea.
Is my 2 Year old eligible for a free Nursery Place?
You should be entitled to a free nursery place if you meet any of the following criterea.
  • Children who are in the care of the local authority.
  • Children who are the subject of a Child Protection Plan.
  • Disabled children who receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA).
  • Children receiving additional support from Trafford Early Development Service (TEDS) or Sensory Impairment Service.
  • Teenage mums who were aged 18 or under when their 2 year old child was born.
  • Asylum seekers receiving support from the UK Border Agency.
  • Children recommended by their health visitor because they meet the criteria detailed in Section 5 at their two year development check.
  • Receive ncome support
  • Receive Extra working tax credit relating to a disability
  • Receive Child tax credit and your income for the year does not exceed £16,190.
I think I'm entitled, now what?
The next stage is to find a suitable nursery who are approved by Trafford Council and secure a place there for your child. To find a local nursery please call the Family Information Service on 0161 912 1053.

Once you have found a place for your child, you may apply for a maximum of 15 hours per week for 38 weeks per year.
How to apply
To apply for a free 2 year old child nursery place, click here to download an application form. This form must be printed off and completed.

Once complete, the form can be emailed to twoyearoldfunding@trafford.gov.uk
Alternatively you can post the form in person at the Partington Children's Centre.
What happens next?
Once you have been accepted and allocated a place it does not matter if your circumstances change. Your funding will continue until your child is 3 and qualifies for free nursery care automatically.

For more detailed information please click here

Or contact:

Family Information Service
Davyhulme Library
Hayeswater Road
M41 7BL

0161 912 1053