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Volunteering Opportunities in Partington

Volunteering is a fantastic thing to do for anyone - especially if you have some time on your hands. Everyone has skills and abilities that can be used and passed on to support others and without a large volunteer base many of our Partington activities wouldn't be able to take place at all. If you're hoping to find a new job soon that volunteering experience on your CV can mean the difference between 'your hired' and 'sorry not this time'.
blueSCI Reception and Library Volunteers
Volunteers needed to work alongside staff carrying out duties such as shelving, straightening books, photocopying, taking bookings, and using the computer system and answering customer enquiries. You can give as little or as much time as you want. Training will be provided. To find out more please contact the reception at the Wellbeing Centre.
BOOMBox Studio  
Musicians and Studio Engineers needed to volunteer with Seed Studio 2. Come and learn and pass on new music and studio skills in a creative and warm environment. Even if you only know a few guitar chords or did grade one piano or if you’re a wiz with music software, we want to hear from you! Please contact Janet on 0759370946.
Meet and Eat Volunteers wanted
Meet and Eat will be providing a social lunch that will provide nutritional, affordable lunches a week to local people at the Partington Community Centre. Volunteers are wanted to help with recipes, food and to share cooking. Food hygiene certificate and training provided. For more information please contact either Tracy at the Rainbow Café or Reception on 0161 912 3192.
One to One Computer support
Volunteers wanted to teach basic 1-1 computer skills. Please enquire at Reception or contact Sue Frost (07884303933