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The Partington and Carrington Transmitter is a free local community newspaper which is prepared and distributed locally in the M31 post code area - the printed version of this website. The Transmitter is a fantastic and invaluable resource for the community and it contains local news, events, parish council notes as well as important information from our schools and the police. It is produced by a team of voluntary, independent, non political organisation members.

The Transmitter are always looking for volunteers to distribute the free paper and if you are interested and able to help out please don't hesitate to get in touch on the information below. If you would like to advertise or send something in to the Transmitter for publishing in the next edition, you can do this by contacting the Transmitter on the details below.

2017 Deadlines
February - Friday 13th January
March - Wednesday 15th February
April - Wednesday 15th March
May - No Edition
June - Monday 15th May
July - Friday 16th June
August - Friday 14th July
September - No Edition
October - Friday 15th September
November - Friday 13th October
December - Weds 15th November

2017 Advertisers Rate Card

Contact Information
(Postal address only) 48 Forest Gardens, Partington, Manchester, M31 4PL
Telephone: TBC
Advertising: Sarah Wilson advert@partingtontransmitter.co.uk
News/Articles: Ruth Lancey editor@partingtontransmitter.co.uk
Distribution: Barry and Cath Etchells deliver@partingtontransmitter.co.uk
Letters and everything else: Adele New info@partingtontransmitter.co.uk

Alternatively you can contact the Transmitter through the drop box at the Health and Wellbeing Centre on Central Road.