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People's Church Partington

People's church logoPeople's Church Partington is a Baptist church which has served the town since it was built by the people of Partington in the 1960's. The church is affiliated with the Baptist denomination and despite a decline in the congregation size over the past 20 years, this church has undergone a big transformation over the last few years since new leadership was introduced and has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Led by Rev. Jonathan Boyers, this lively and growing community of believers is a friendly, welcoming church which represents the diverse community of Partington well. The church has many links into the community and the number of activities and public services taking place there are growing all the time.

Recently the church launched a debt support project in partnership with national debt management charity 'Christians Against Poverty'. Through this project, the church has a fully trained employed advisor and team of support workers who work alongside people in Partington who for one reason or another have found that they're simply not able to make ends meet. The church also regularly run 'CAP money', a course suitable for every financial situation which teaches you how to relook at your spending, budget and see where money can be easily saved.

The church also run a regular Alpha course. This course is designed for people who are seeking answers to even the most difficult questions and provides a relaxed, informal environment where you can listen, discuss and pose those challenging questions of life over an excellent free meal. The aim is to allow everyone to make an informed, personal decision about how to live their life and question whether there really is a God.

Regular events at People's Church Partington

Sunday Celebration 10.30am every Sunday This relaxed and informal service is suitable for all. A creche allows childred and parents to feel part of the service whilst kids church meets the children at their level.
Glee Club 5.30pm every Monday For over 11's, this group gives young people a chance to sing, dance, perform and make friends. New members are always welcome.
People's Church FC 7pm Thursday training, matches Sat am This local football team is a great way to stay fit and make friends. With training every Thursday night during the season (at Sport Village) and matches on Saturday morning, this team have been promoted every season since it started!
Market drop-in 10am -1pm Thursdays This drop in at Chapel Lane gives you chance for a brew as well as receive some basic computer training. Hosts Maurice and Joan are well known in the community and will be happy to help in any way they can.
Elkin Sundays 2pm 1st Sunday This service held at Elkin Court each month is slightly more low key than our Sunday celebration. Join us for hymns, communion and a short talk.

Contact Information

Rev. Jonathan Boyers
People's Church Partington, Chapel Lane, Partington, M31 4EY
Contact Jonathan on 07531863258 or email info@peopleschurch.co.uk
Website: www.peopleschurch.co.uk

Christians Against Poverty
Emaill: joanpressley@capuk.org
Freephone: 0800 3280006
Website: www.capuk.org