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Boards and Partnerships

Partington Parish Council
Partington Parish Council is made up of local residents and Ward Councillors and as a group they work hard for the benefit of our community.

James Clare (Chairman), Wayne Edwards, Hilary George, Karen Kanes, Ian Platt (Vice Chairman), Chrissie Power, Tony Rudden, John Smith (Treasurer), Linda Smith, Teresa Sumner, Kevin Watson.

Contact Information:
The Community Centre, Central Road, Partington, M31 4FL
Tel: 0161 912 5407
Fax: 0161 778 0472
Email: partingtonparishcouncil@trafford.gov.uk
Positive Partington Partnership
The Positive Partington Partnership is our local tenants and residents association. The group's aims are to represent all who live in Partington and Carrington, and improve local amenities on behalf of the community. Meetings are often attended by the Police, Trafford council representivites, the Healthy Living Centre and guest speakers. Membership is free and all tenants and residents of Partington and Carrington are welcome to come and have their say.  

Contact information:
Tel: 0161 775 2363
Mrs J Fogarty, Secretary
Graham Kanes, Chair
Email: positivepartingtongroup@hotmail.co.uk

2nd Tuesday each month 7.00pm St George's room, St Mary's Church, Partington

Trafford Partnership

Trafford PartnershipThe Trafford Partnership is the Borough's Local Strategic Partnership, a single body which brings together more than 100 organisations including local and regional partners from across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

The Trafford Partnership is embarking upon a very exciting and ambitious project establishing four Locality Partnerships, made up of Councillors, partners including the police, health services and council, and Community Ambassadors. Partington sits in the 'West' Locality Partnership.

The Locality Partnerships have responsibility for deciding local priorities and shaping local services. The overarching benefit of locality working is to create a collective effort to achieve the best possible outcomes for Trafford neighbourhoods and residents. This will be achieved by:

  • Increasing active citizenship
  • Increasing community ownership of issues and challenges and developing innovative solutions
  • Reducing demand for services
  • Improving transparency and accountability to local people
  • Providing local communities with the opportunity to influence change and commissioning decisions
Contact information
Partington Community Ambassador: Ruth Lancey
Email: ruth@partingtononline.co.uk
Website: www.traffordpartnership.org